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Are you not feeling fulfilled with your current life? Do you feel disconnected from family and friends? Do you find it difficult to make and preserve relationships? Do you give and give in hopes that others will give back to you? Do your thoughts and emotions stop you from moving forward? Does any of this cause you to spend more time alone or cloud your judgement?
You have talked to friends and things aren't any better. You avoid situations/people or pretend things are fine when you know they aren't ok. You tried to cover your feelings with food, sex, drowned them tears or sleep more than needed and things still aren't any better.
You don't have to go through it alone. Let's work together on the thoughts, emotions, and feelings you are experiencing. Therapy helps address what is getting in the way of you feeling and being your best! Don't keep putting it off. Nothing else has worked. Let me help you move forward. Book your consultation and start enjoying your life. https://calendly.com/mendedcounseling/consultation-20-minutes

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