Pinder Counseling is a group practice comprised of both Mental Health and Marriage and Family clinicians based in Florida. Our therapists have a wide array of experience, training and backgrounds using therapeutic methods that best suit the individual client or couple’s need. At Pinder Counseling, we truly believe that you are the ultimate expert in your life, but sometimes, you may just need help recognizing that. Allow us to help.

The goal for each client is to help them recognize their potential and ability to work through any conflict(s) they may have. Their challenge may be with a family member or spouse, a job, a phase of life challenge, or an internal conflict. Whatever it is, we are here to help you get to the other side and arrive at the desired resolution.

Therapy is about the client and therapist working together to obtain a shared goal. While acknowledging the need for therapy may be a difficult one, taking the next step and reaching out to obtain a therapist is the toughest part. Our hope is by the discharge of services, you will have arrived at your goal. A more centered, mindful, you.

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