Meet Melissa Dumaz, a distinguished Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with advanced training in EMDR and Reiki certification. As a best-selling author, dynamic speaker, influential coach, and the host of The Hats Podcast, Melissa brings a wealth of expertise to her practice.

Her core focus is empowering clients to triumph over trauma, navigate grief and loss, and elevate their relationship satisfaction. Beyond traditional therapy, Melissa conducts corporate wellness trainings and engaging webinars, lending her support to high-achievers as they tackle the daily pressures of personal and professional life.

A staunch advocate for self-care, Melissa seamlessly integrates this vital component into her work with every client. Her mission is to help individuals break free from the cycle of self-neglect and create space for profound trauma healing. Melissa operates from her esteemed practice, U Help You, where she firmly believes that true well-being begins with making healthier choices to live your fullest life.

If you're ready to invest in your healing and well-being at the highest level, and/or in your team, Melissa Dumaz is the holistic healing and wellness practitioner you've been seeking for yourself and/or your team.

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