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I love helping my clients discover the many different ways they can tap into their natural healing resources to work through their emotional wounds, perceived struggles and live out their unique and fullfilling journeys.

Much of my work involves the legacy of intergenerational trauma that generations experience reliving deep fears and learned behaviors. Lately, I've been helping clients process the layers of trauma resulting from current events, COVID-19 and racial trauma that is affecting their relationships and other aspects of daily living.

I help people navigate the challenges of trauma, stress, identity exploration, microagressions in their professional lives, perfectionism, intrusive thoughts, attachment struggles, indecisiveness, numbing, procrastination, imposter syndrome and other difficulties.

Many of my clients struggle with substance use or co-dependency and need help dealing with conflicts that have spanned generations. Others struggle with intrusive negative self-talk despite being accomplished in a number of ways. Nothing ever satisfies and they find themselves moving onto the next thing they hope will put them at ease.

A lot of my work involves helping restore the mind/body connection which addresses the physiological discomfort that accompanies stress. At the heart of this work is finding genuine peace and acceptance to move forward in life with confidence.

My approach is eclectic meaning that the intervention I use will depend on your needs. I am a certified trauma professional with training in DBT, CBT, Brainspotting, Accelerated Resolution Therapy and a number of other evidence-based modalities.

I am also a certified life coach which suits those who do not have a mental health diagnosis, but still need guidance navigating issues that may involve racial injustice, self-esteem or lack of purpose. I have experience as an attorney, social activist and community leader to help individuals gain empowerment and direction. Please take advantage of my free 20 to 30 minute consultation to discuss if this might be an option for you.

I look forward to meeting with you.

As a Licensed Associate Social Worker, Meira receives clinical supervision from an approved clinical supervisor; Jodi Erickson, LCSW (icarecounseling@yahoo.com).

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