As women, we wear many hats throughout the day and our lives. Maybe you have a career, household responsibilities, family changes, friends, and other obligations. Maybe you are dating, and nothing seems to be working. Maybe you’re having issues in your friendships or family relationships and are unsure of how to resolve them or set healthy boundaries. Maybe you have thoughts that make you feel anxious, tired, and/or unsure of yourself. Maybe you just need a private space to talk about life…
If any of these people that I described sound like you, this is the place for you! Often, women are told that they are angry when in fact it may be that you feel overstimulated and pulled in so many different directions at any given time. At SI Counseling, we will work together to help you set boundaries, re-define loving yourself and find balance and peace in your life. Sometimes this work may become uncomfortable or hard, and that’s okay! As a licensed therapist, I will be here to encourage you and provide support every step of the way.
SI[gh] and say yes to choosing you!

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