Clinicians, Coaches and healers...Breathe!
You made it here, so you are searching for a place to BREATHE. You hold it together for everyone else, you a put together well. But now things are just not right. You are not sleeping, you are exhausted, you simply do not feel like yourself.
I am here to create a space for you to breathe and talk or not. I believe life is a journey and every now and again we simply need a trained professional to get you back to you.
Healing is a process, and I will not only listen and nod, but I will notice, teach, coach along the way.
I have over 25 years of experience filled with varying certifications and training. I am EMDR trained, Trauma trained and certified. I use several different modalities that include but not limited DBT, CBT, Mindfulness and meditation.
I use breathwork and body awareness to help the healing journey.
Meet me on the other side for a 15 minute consult.

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