I believe that who we are as adults is impacted by our upbringing. I value gaining understanding of the client’s childhood experiences. There are certain experiences that take place during childhood and adolescence that impact individuals as adults, many of which adults often brush off as being insignificant or unimpactful. I believe that gaining an understanding of a person's childhood experiences and family dynamics should be the basis of all counseling relationships, it is important to start at the beginning of a person’s life.

It is my goal to explore factors that are preventing you from being your highest functioning self at this stage of your life. I place great value on childhood experiences and walk with you as we explore how those experiences impact present concerns. My style is to be empathetic, person-centered, and directive during sessions.

All of us have experiences & relationships from our childhood that impact us. Too many times they are suppressed & thought to be insignificant. I encourage you to take the time to explore your inner child in our counseling sessions. If you are seeking services for your child, allow them to begin their healing journey & heal their inner child as they grow.

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