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Hi. My name is Mary Williams and I am a licensed therapist for more than 20 years who specializes in helping women to recover from relationships where they have been betrayed by a partner, friend, or family member. Forms of betrayal include cheating, lying, manipulation, abandonment, abuse, domestic violence and other destructive behaviors that destroy trust within the relationship. Together, we will confront the reality and the aftermath of the betrayal trauma and find healthy ways to heal the emotional and the spiritual injuries. The only things that are required of you is a willingness and a readiness to start the journey toward inner healing. With my guidance, knowledge, and skill set, I will help you to discover and to nurture the courage you will need in order to look closely at the betrayal trauma you have experienced and to make the necessary changes within your life in order to prevent betrayal relationships from reoccurring within your life and to mitigate the damage.

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