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I work with adults (18+) looking for support with identity; managing stress related to expectations, roles, values etc.; adjusting to changes in relationships including being a mother (single or partnered); dealing with the longstanding impact of parental neglect, abuse and/or abandonment in childhood, career stressors; difficulty adjusting to life transitions; and those who just want space to be seen, heard and felt.

I help adult clients identify irrational thoughts, maladaptive behaviors and low mood patterns (that are new or emerged in childhood as a response to ongoing stress) that affect and cause distress and frustration that impact daily functioning, relationships and career. My clients are those living with shame, guilt, overwhelm, sadness, validation seeking, self sabotage, emotional neglect and worry, work with me to improve communication and conflict resolution, decrease avoidance and procrastination, resolve trauma, increase assertiveness/confidence, set boundaries, improve emotion regulation and learn distress tolerance.
Therapy is a joint effort where we clarify and establish goals and identify actionable steps and actions toward achieving them and making change using honesty, empathy, compassion and effective communication. We collaborate to reframe your thoughts, instill hope, improve self awareness, have self-compassion, gain clarity, feel empowered and build resilience.

As a therapist, my philosophy about mental health and overall well-being is everyone has unique experiences and strengths they can build on to live the life they aspire to have. Acceptance and patience in a therapeutic environment will foster a safe environment for personal growth. I create a therapeutic environment where clients can feel safe and respected and where they can be open and honest. I work to establish trust and work as a partner to individuals looking to gain insight and coping strategies. As a collaborator to my clients, I work with them to identify ways to promote positive change.

My use of these approaches allows clients to gain clarity on emotions, and develop effective self-care skills, and coping mechanisms for life stressors. Additionally, clients learn to establish and improve boundaries to promote holistic wellness. Clients experience me as engaged, caring, authentic, relatable, attentive, and non-judgmental.

Regarding clinical presentations, I have worked with individuals who are living with anxiety, depression, family relationship disturbances, addiction, abuse, adjustment disorder, grief, and loss.

I earned a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Bowie State University.

I am certified by the National Certified Counselor and have a license from the Maryland State Board of Professional Counselors.
The practice will directly file claims with your insurance company. We currently accept Cigna as well as CareFirst/BlueCross and BlueShield/Anthem (not including Medicaid Community plans). If you have any copayments or deductibles, I can look it up with your birth date, member ID and group number or, you can call your insurance to make that inquiry directly. We process any payments for copays and deductibles within 1-10 business days.

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