Do you ever feel broken? Has tragedy taken your ability to feel joy? Has anxiety stolen your peace of mind? Has trauma robbed you of the resiliency you once possessed? Have the dynamics in your relationships grown from compassionate & communicative to conflictual & constricted? Has your identity been tested, oppressed, or discriminated against? If so, then your overall sense of wellness and effectiveness in your life may be wavering. I believe our most optimum level of wholeness is related to the degree of wellness across all areas of life that make us who we are—individual, relational, mental, emotional, spiritual, and societal.

My clients call me Dr. M! And my goal is to help my clients unify these experiences into a beneficial narrative by optimizing personal strengths and growing areas of vulnerability in order to effectively navigate life’s challenges. In addition, I help clients understand underlying patterns that may limit your overall functioning and I empower them to become powerful change agents in their own lives.

My professional background includes experiences in hospital, community mental health, and private practice settings. I provide flexible and culturally-competent care for adolescents, adults, and families. I specialize in mood & anxiety, trauma, identity development, as well as pediatric psychology.

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