I hold space for people who have experienced race-based trauma, gender-based trauma, and childhood trauma. If you have experienced a trauma, then something extremely stressful has caused a deep physical, emotional, or spiritual wound. No two people will experience trauma exactly in the same way, but your body will tell you when something traumatic has happened. Trauma can wake you up at night and high-jack our thoughts. Trauma can keep you stuck in a state of fear or anger. Trauma can rob you of your sense of safety, even with people you love. Trauma therapy focuses on healing emotional wounds left behind by the terrible experience in your life. Together, we will explore methods for grounding your body, reconnect with a sense of safety, and reduce the emotional charge of the trauma memory in your memories and body.

My office is located in the Elkins Park, right outside of Philadelphia. Outside of my work as a therapist, I am also the Executive Director of the Therapy Center of Philadelphia (TCP), a feminist organization that serves women, transgender, and non-binary people. In my personal life, I am a wife and a mother to two wonderful children.

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