I am a social work educator, practitioner and supervisor with over 22 years of organizational and clinical experience. I have worked with clients of every age and ilk; with nearly every kind of issue. I have worked with clients experiencing chemical dependency, neglect, abuse, intimate partner violence, interpersonal/familial discord, anxiety, depression, trauma, transitional challenges, etc. It has been a privilege to help them find relief and to learn and grow as a provider, a mother, a partner and a human being.

I have always viewed therapy as the “best thing I can do”. I have always considered clients some of the most courageous people on the planet—willing to share their stories, their time and themselves in an honest effort to improve the overall quality of their lives and the lives of those around them. I respect my clients and work hard to match their labor.

I enjoy working with women and families, helping them to navigate the everyday challenges of managing resources and relationships to have the fullest and healthiest life possible. It is important to me to help every individual I work with understand and utilize the power they have in their own situations; and to know that their lives can improve with even the slightest adjustment in perspective or routine.

I am a graduate of the University of Maryland and Morgan State University, where I received my Masters and PhD in Social Work, respectively. I am licensed to practice in Maryland, Washington, DC, Delaware and Virginia and I have trained students and practitioners in Delaware and New Jersey. I have served as a Clinical Social Work Supervisor in Maryland since 2009. And I am looking forward to meeting and talking with you.

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