"Hello there, I'm Markquetta!
Do you every feel overwhelmed, stressed and drained from daily life and the situations that may arise in it? Are you overthinking, worried, scattered brain, and have racing thoughts? Do you feel sad, moody, and want to isolate yourself from other people?
I can help you achieve that sense of calm and mental wellbeing you are searching for. I can assist with helping you overcome the worries, stress, and sadness of everyday life.
Allow me to be a part of your new mental health journey. Balancing everyday life is challenging to say the least. However, I strive to support you in gaining control of your anxiety and depression symptoms. Ultimately, envisioning you as your best self! I know it can be difficult to talk about your feelings, but it's necessary and I'm hear to listen. You can schedule with me, feel safe, and trust that I will aim at providing you with the best care possible. Allow me to help you be a BETTER YOU!"

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