Hello there, I'm Lisa.

Do you feel like the world's troubles are on your shoulders? Do you feel like the pressures in everyday life are like a pressure cooker ready to explode? Is it hard to find peace of mind, and time to just relax and do things for yourself? I help people trying to manage multiple stressors in everyday life, weather it be work, school, family, or home life. We can work collaboratively on a plan to get you back on track to finding peace, tranquility, and harmony in a world now full of chaos. We can get on the road to work life balance.

I use a person centered approach that incorporates mindfulness, CBT, and trauma informed practices to help the body, mind, and spirit. I can be the safe guard when dealing with anxiety, depression, PTSD, serious mental illness, and work stress. I know reaching out for help can be anxiety provoking, but it is a strong person who knows when they need some extra support. And there is no judgment here. This will be a safe environment, where you can voice your experiences, concerns, and troubles without fear. I believe in healing, and this will be a place to learn and grow. Let's get on the journey together to ultimate healing, and leave all the stigmas behind.

Practice Details