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I help stressed out high achievers slow down and stop chasing perfection. My clients struggle as you do. Despite being smart, driven, and hardworking, life is hard. You feel overwhelmed and are struggling to make your experiences look more authentic than they feel. You are under constant pressure to present yourself as more accomplished, attractive, and happier than the next person. Your focus on getting the next promotion, being in the right kind of relationship, and not making any mistakes gets in the way of the life you want in so many ways. You aren’t the kind of person you want to be. You feel like you’re failing as a friend, lover, sister, or daughter and your confidence at work is tanking. Like my clients, you deserve to put yourself first without worrying about letting down your family, friends, or boss.

Together we will develop new ways to react to life’s challenges. We will understand what you want to experience and explore what is holding you back. We will develop new tools that can assist you in getting unstuck and on a path to living the life you want. Many clients who work with me appreciate my sense of humor, my authenticity, and my problem solving style.

You can learn more about me on my website or through a complementary call where we get to know each other better. Let’s work together to help you experience the long-term relief you deserve.

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