**Due to the COVID-19 pandemic sessions are online only.

You have been anxious, irritable, and stressed. It seems like you’ve been eating, drinking, and even smoking more than usual. You’ve been scrolling and binge-watching shows trying to avoid how you’ve been feeling. You have been telling yourself you’re okay you just need some rest. Problem is your sleep’s been crappy too. Your weariness is starting to show. The things you’ve tried have not been working and you keep coming back to “Should I see a therapist?”
You're wondering if she will understand and not judge you. If you will learn how to deal with the stress so you can get back to you. You are so ready for some relief and you’re willing to dive in. I get it and I’m ready to support you in doing the work.
By building on your strengths (yeah you have some!) and using new skills I will help you to move through the stress and anxiety that has hijacked your life. You have been thinking about it long enough. It’s time. Email or call me today so we can get started.

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