My ideal client is someone that’s ready to delve deeper. This person may be struggling to get out of bed or may be overwhelmed by their thoughts. Perhaps these habits impact their motivation or energy levels. This person may notice that their self-doubt interferes with their goals and overall meaning in life. My specialties include depression, and anxiety. My goal is to create a safe and non-judgmental space so that you can learn to cope with difficult feelings, and develop a sense of confidence in yourself. I have successfully worked with athletes and their performance anxiety.

One of my favorite parts about working with clients is seeing their own resilience, their ability to witness their own capabilities. It's meaningful to work alongside my clients and to provide them with the skills to work through whatever challenges come their way. If you feel as though my approach fits with you, I'd love to chat over the phone.

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Group Therapy Details

CURRENT GROUPS: 10 sessions (minimum of 2 people per group, maximum of 5 people per group); 45-minutes per group session; via video through HIPAA-compliant platform.

Payment plans:
A) $45/session for 10 sessions at $450 for 10 sessions
B) $60/session paid at the time of each group session; credit card payment accepted.

Setting Boundaries With Others: Maybe you find it difficult to express your needs. You might worry that you’re burdening others if you have wants or needs. In this group, we will focus on healthy boundaries and varied situations where you find it challenging to be true to yourself and what you want and need.

Mindfulness For Those Who Are Skeptical About Meditation: This group might be for you if you’ve tried meditation and you find it difficult to keep your mind still. You might get frustrated when you practice meditation, or you want to be held accountable for a regular meditation practice.

Identifying & Expressing Emotions: Maybe you find yourself overwhelmed by anxiety, or you have a hard time coping with your feelings. You might find yourself engaging in less-than-ideal habits when you’re feeling difficult feelings. We will start with identifying the connection among thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Together, we will develop coping skills and identify barriers to engaging in these skills.