Life is tough and can sometimes be overwhelming. Working all day and then coming home to your second job as a parent. Your child or teen is arguing with you about homework, grades, and social media! Dealing with child or teen tantrums, while trying to get dinner on the table. Does this sound familiar? What about struggling with body image, managing relationships and emotions, and worrying about societal pressures? Oftentimes we try to hold it all together, but what happens when we can’t. Adults and adolescents frequently are challenged with the same obstacles, called LIFE. One of the greatest gifts we can provide to someone is help!

My approach to counseling has always focused on the educational, mental, and behavioral health needs of adolescents and their parents. I am passionate about helping adolescents and young adults determine their future, while maintaining a healthy, balanced, and peaceful life. My professional counseling has been focused on public school children from kindergarten through 12th grade, as well as young adults. This has been an incredibly rewarding journey and I would love to take you along!

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