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Being a mom isn’t what you expected. You’re frustrated and overwhelmed. At a time in your life when you’re expected to feel nothing but joy, you are consumed with sadness, anxiety and resentment. You can’t remember the last time you’ve gotten decent sleep. The stress and overwhelm have gotten to the point where you don’t even enjoy pregnancy or motherhood anymore. My clients often come to me embarrassed or ashamed of not being extremely happy on their new journey, or worried that they aren’t a good mother because they’re not radiating positivity 24/7.

You might think that ignoring your feelings is just part of being a mom- that you are meant to “tough it out” and “be strong” for your kids. While negative feelings during pregnancy and motherhood are very common, you don’t need to accept them as your new normal! Managing Motherhood Psychotherapy is a supportive therapeutic space, designed to help and heal.

I specialize in maternal mental health and helping women reverse burnout, cope with negative emotions and get back to feeling like themselves! Call, email or visit psychotherapyformoms.com to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to see how Managing Motherhood can help you make sense of the mess, and put you back on the path to happiness.

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