Moving through the challenges of everyday life can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stuck. You may feel confused, alone, scared, or ashamed. You may have found ways to make it through each day and now have found that your way of living life and coping is just not working well anymore. It may mean that there is a need to process your painful emotions and learn new ways to address, cope with, and embrace the challenges of living in order to achieve increased balance and satisfaction.

I provide a supportive, open, and nonjudgmental environment for you to explore and process difficult feelings, stuck points in thinking, and develop increased self-acceptance. As a therapist, I partner with you and agree to hold space for your hope and ability for growth while we work on decreasing emotional suffering and work towards cultivating the fulfilling life you want for yourself. I believe in fostering genuine connections with my clients in order to allow for a therapeutic relationship conducive for both compassionate support and gentle challenging when needed.

In my work as a therapist, I specialize in utilizing person-centered, CBT, and DBT approaches. Through these approaches, we can identify current barriers that promote unhealthy patterns in your life and practice implementing more effective skills that will lead to healthier life practices. Together, we can work to decrease the way anxiety and depression interferes in your life, address interpersonal/relational stressors, manage the stress of life transitions, and take back control that the impact of trauma has in your daily life. I look forward to joining together with you in this journey of healing, self-care, and rebuilding.

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