Peace and Blessings beautiful Beings. I have always been interested in the mental processes of individuals based on biopsychosocial factors. I am currently focused on adults. I am passionate to assist young adults (18-24) with: career exploration, self-esteem and self-confidence, identity and personal establishment, and development of intimate relationships. I am passionate to assist adults (25+) with: life changes, stress management, boundaries and family and partnership issues.

The goals I aim to accomplish with my clients: to formulate and understand the impact of past experiences, educate on self-preservation as it pertains to issues and concerns, encourage positive changes in behavior, provide a development for skills to use in their daily life, and provide accountability for achieving goals and consistency with their growth.

I welcome you a safe space to discuss and provide support for issues and concerns, and to receive insight towards your goals and achievements. I provide insightful and support services for sexual and intimacy issues focused on self-pleasure, kink including BDSM and fetishes, polyamory and consensual nonmonogamy. Let's get started!

Practice Details