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In life we often come to a point where what has been no longer works. We reach a point where we have to make changes for our wellbeing and/or happiness. We reach a crossroad, and must figure out which direction to take. In my work with clients, I aim to help them navigate this process. This includes exploring options that are available or could be forged. It includes exploring the impact of change on existing relationships. It includes making space for all the feelings, both good and difficult, that come with considering something new. It also includes finally attending to past pain/trauma that could be clouding the process now.

I place special emphasis on providing culturally informed care. This means I consider each person’s visible and invisible identities (ethnicity, race, religion, ability status, immigrant identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and more), and makes room for all aspects of your experiences in the work we do together.

Most of my clients hold intersecting marginalized identities. Most seeking me out also tend to be first generation, immigrant, or a third culture kid. Having lived across 3 continents in my childhood and now belonging to a multiracial family, I am especially mindful to hold space for those who navigate culture and identity in daily life.

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