Have you felt your light dimming over the past few years? Felt disconnected from yourself and others? It’s hard to find people you can talk to about these things. It’s been harder to find people who understand your unique challenges? MMHDC’s therapists specialize in treating issues unique to minority communities including black women and members of the LBGTQIA+ community. We specialize in you! Are you ready to bloom and to grow? Learn more by contacting us at www.magnoliamhealth.com to set up an appointment.
We provide accessible mental health and wellness care to those most in need, focusing on members of marginalized communities systematically targeted for their gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, or socioeconomic status. Our talented and passionate therapists are deeply rooted in this healing work as professionals/persons who share several lived experiences.
It’s okay not to be okay today. Live for a better tomorrow because you are not alone. It’s okay to go to therapy to get the help that you need and deserve!

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