Currently accepting new clients via teletherapy.

I am a licensed therapist for the state of Florida. I reside in Miami, Florida which is full of diversity and is a fast paced living environment. I specialize in helping adults as well as minors overcome depression, anxiety and stressors of toxic relationships. I love helping my clients heal through trauma, pain and/or negative thoughts - that’s why I named my practice Meraki Therapy. The word Meraki means to place creativity, soul and passion in what you do - I believe that is the beauty of what we do in therapy.

The first couple sessions, you can expect us to dive into the root of what is getting in the way of your happiness. I take pride in being non-judgemental and easy to talk to this way you can feel comfortable in sharing your story.

At the moment, I practice entirely over tele-health after hours (5pm-9pm) giving us the flexibility to connect conveniently and safely.

Practice Details