I believe that problems are best understood in the context of relationships - with loved ones, with intimate partners, and with oneself. Perhaps you are noticing room for improvement in one or in multiple relationships, or perhaps you have a strong desire for increased understanding of yourself and others. It takes a great deal of insight and strength to even begin this journey towards greater harmony. My hope as a clinician is to help foster within you a sense of renewed curiosity, compassion, and hope as you undertake this journey.

I tend towards a therapeutic style that is integrative (drawing from several different models, as best fit your needs) and systemic (acknowledging the influence of various relationships & systems in your life). My specialties include couples therapy, sex therapy, and therapy with individuals and couples who identify as Black and/or multiracial.

In my work with you, I hope to impart the understanding that the person is not the problem. I believe in empowering you to work towards your ideal relationships with yourself, your intimate partners and your loved ones. Together, we will create an environment that is welcoming, safe, and puts you at ease.

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