I work with adults who wish to gain skills for managing ADHD, depression, anxiety, trauma, and anger management.

My Clients often have concerns pertaining to the following:

Difficulties in identifying their strengths
Managing “brain fog” and procrastinating behaviors
Achieving a work-life balance that works for them
Communicating boundaries within their relationships
Coping with grief
Beating themselves up for past mistakes

Often times, people look at seeking mental health services as an indication that something is wrong or lacking within. This couldn’t be further from the truth; Otherwise, you would not have made it as far as you already have. My approach is to help you identify and build upon your strengths so that you can live beyond survival mode. I will teach you how to use mindfulness to a) regulate heavy emotions, b) shift unhelpful narratives about yourself or your past and c) conquer the things that keep you from having the self-confidence you’ve always wanted.

I believe that we all have the power to not only rewrite our personal stories, but to live them out by adopting routines and thinking patterns that work for us. Are you ready to live in your power?

I am an LMSW originally from New York. I decided to continue my studies in Atlanta as it is the capital of Public Health. I am specifically passionate about food deserts, health disparities, and emotional intelligence. I wish to apply and advance my knowledge and skills through both traditional and unconventional forms of social work by incorporating my talent in graphic design/infographics.

I'm experienced with collaborating with clients who wish to gain skills for managing ADHD, depression, anxiety, trauma and anger management. My ideal clients are seeking growth in building upon their strengths and creativity.

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