“Can you imagine life returning to a state of emotional wellness?’’ “I help people with various disorders and challenging situations that are overwhelming and unmanageable. Don’t lose hope! “Beyond the pain is freedom.”

Emotional pain can present as never ending and clients may find themselves depressed, unmotivated, isolated and feeling alone. You might even wonder if life is worth living and just cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. At times, clients feel like their lives are slowly slipping away from them, rendering them powerless and out of control. One may even feel like nobody cares and they present as a burden to others. You may also feel a sense of emptiness from within and a need to numb the pain. Feeling confused and just knowing that something is “off,” but unable to make the connection.

I help clients gain insights and better understanding of self. Clients will learn healthy coping skills and education about their disorders. You will understand the connection between your upbringing and your perception of self, the world and people. You will become empowered with a renewed sense of purpose. I am available evenings and weekends with online, phone and in person sessions.

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