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Lorraine Benedit, Therapist

I was born and raised in (Brownsville) Brooklyn, NY. My parents are from Honduras, C.A (Garifuna’s stand up). My immigrant parents worked blue collar jobs where they demonstrated the ability to work full time but also raise my siblings and I making sure they provided all of your needs. My parents taught me to strive for anything I want to accomplish in life. I love my parents!!!

I’m Garifuna, also known as Garinagu, we are the descendants of an Afro-indigenous population. I’m fluent in English and Spanish.

I attended Medgar Evers College and received my bachelor’s in Liberal Arts 2017. I obtained my Master's Degree in Counseling 2019. I’m currently working on my Advance Certificate in Mental Health gaining the experience through internship to reach my goal to get certified. I chose Counseling because I want to help people become the best version of themselves.

Growing up I saw a lot of struggles amongst my loved ones which were thought to be normalized and I knew I’m my heart they weren’t. I wanted to show them there is a healthier way of navigating through life. As well as healthy coping skills and habits to manage daily stressors. I was previously a paraprofessional in the Dept. of Education assisting High School students in Spanish. I was also a teacher in a Charter School for 5th graders. I’m currently a Parent Coordinator in a middle school. Currently I am a therapist!

I’m passionate about working with people of color because there aren’t enough mental health professionals in our field. I believe being a person of color I can relate and understand our everyday struggles and challenges that are faced in our communities. Also give them hope and let them know I’m there to support them every step of the way. As a woman of color from Brooklyn I’ve experienced Racism in professional settings. I recall a time where a colleague said smart remarks such as “You Black people need to go back where you came from” I was shocked and stood quiet because I didn’t know how to respond or react. At that time I wasn’t as brave as I am now. Today I speak up and defend myself because no one should be spoken to in that manner.

Every approach is different depending on the client’s needs however most importantly is to meet the client where they are. I’ve been trained in and have used Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Family of Origin / Culture of Origin, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, trauma informed care and self-management.

My clients' experiences have been positive. They say I’m nurturing, empowering, empathetic, sympathetic and they see me as an advocate. I’m known to help my clients become the best version of themselves and they love me.

I’m also a life coach, a mother, a sister, daughter, full time employee, soon to be a LMHC and still standing by the Grace of God!!

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