"Growing up in Louisiana and being raised in an environment where mental illness was viewed as something you just ""get over,"" or ""there is no such thing as depression,"" or ""you are not old enough to be depressed."" I can go on. It took me years to realize that many of my decisions - both good and bad; had everything to do with how I viewed the world from my experiences, and how I allowed those experiences to shape my life and value system.

Although I have spent many years healing from complex trauma, I am blessed to say that God was my source through it all. However, God also created humans to love one another, and to be kind to one another. I am thankful that HE brought me to this very milestone: To help people of all walks of life, to heal and have hope. I take pride in offering my clients an experience of feeling truly valued and heard. I know how it feels to be judged. I know how it feels to experience debilitating fear of not finding your way. I know how it feels to self-sabotage due to poor self-image. My background, education, and real-life experience with suffering from mental illness has equipped me to help with compassion and empathy.

My life's journey is to help you, Help you! I specialize in adolescent psychiatry, gender dysphoria, anxiety disorders, trauma-related disorders, and mood disorders such as depression, and bipolar disorder."

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