Hello there and Welcome! It is nice to meet you. I am a licensed professional counselor, with years of clinical experience. I have provided services to individuals experiencing various emotional issues with a specialty focused on trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I also have a particular interest in working with individuals who have endured emotional distress due to the nature of their work.

Do you need help in letting go, coping with trouble from the past, or managing a current situation that is emotionally challenging or stressful? Need support in identifying the problem to gain a better understanding? Have you thought about seeking guidance to develop solutions that line up with your future goals and vision to fulfill your purpose? Together, we can work on developing solutions to uncover and identify long-standing behavior patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back.

At times, circumstances and events can change the direction of one’s life resulting in difficult situations. Whatever your journey has been or when things didn't always go as you’d hoped or planned, you do not have to manage things by yourself. You can obtain assistance to cope with your current circumstances.

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