Life is really good at throwing us curve balls. All of us have to deal with obstacles and challenges both mild and severe as we go through life. Some of us may be dealing life transitions, maybe trying to find our sense of belonging in the world or coping with experiences that have deeply wounded us. Many of us will experience both physical and mental health consequences of these stressors. They may show up in the form of anxiety, depression, relationship breakdown and more. When we choose therapy, we choose to heal and recover from these painful consequences, as we learn to cope, manage and ultimately thrive with life's curve balls.

I work with many people who feel like outsiders. They think differently and see the world very differently from most other people. They can often end up feeling lonely and isolated. It may be hard to find friends that you really connect with. You may frequently feel like an outsider in your own family. Anxiety, depression, self doubt may emerge in what is know as Outsider Syndrome.

30 years of experience has shown me that most people are capable and reliable experts in their lives. We act as facilitators and guides holding a safe therapeutic space. For that reason, we use a client centered approach, to help you uncover your strengths and recover from painful issues, so you may find more satisfaction and joy in your life.

We provide a safe, affirming experience for everyone who chooses to have therapy at Langniappe. We are well aware of the courage it takes to seek therapy and to open up to someone who is a complete stranger to you. It takes time and courage to build trust. We are here to answer any questions you may have. You are not alone in your journey.

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