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My clients are tired of business as usual and living dissatisfied. They come to therapy looking for actual solutions and relief from stress, not just another place to “process” with no end in sight. In fact, if you aren’t ready to break up with dysfunctional patterns in your life, I’m probably not the counselor for you. There are plenty of professionals out there who will talk it out with you week after week, year after year. But my passion is seeing lives transformed, anxiety overcome and generational curses broken! This may sound like too big of a dream, but I have seen clients like you make amazing progress with the stress and the hurts that have driven them to a breaking point. I want you to have this, too.

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and I help women with high anxiety or past trauma navigate through life's redefining moments, including relocation, career exploration, changes in relationship status, parenthood and grief and loss.

You can gain access to my huge toolbox of coping and growing skills, built over 12+ years of practice. I primarily use Cognitive Behavioral and Mindfulness techniques with current clients. This allows you to shift out of unhealthy automatic thoughts, reactivity and fear gone rampant. Go to my website to schedule your no-cost initial call, or to this link: https://SatyaCounselingAndYogaScheduling.as.me/

My practice is exclusively private pay/out of pocket and all sessions are held online. I accept clients residing in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, New Mexico and Florida, or temporarily residing overseas.

“Deciding where to go for therapy can be so so hard. There is no obligation to continue services with me when you make contact for an initial consultation. I truly want you to find your best fit. The strength of the therapeutic relationship is the greatest predictor of satisfying outcomes- so don’t give up before you find the right one!”

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