Are you looking to let go of emotional pain? Are you tired of the same problems, listening to the same critical inner voice and living life based on your limiting beliefs?

Then maybe it's time you stepped into a new reality with a Personal Transformation Intensive.

In this therapeutic program, you will have undivided attention and support to help shift your mindset around your current problems and transform the way you think and feel about yourself.

I use scientifically verified techniques (eye movement therapy and hypnotherapy) combined with the power of yoga to help you feel better, faster. You can feel and see the difference in yourself in a matter of days or weeks, versus months or years.

Just imagine what you could be free to do, feel, accomplish if ou were to keep the wisdom gained from all you've been through, but lose the pain that came along with getting it!

Contact me today and we will create the intensive program that is best for you: https://www.satyacounselingandyoga.com/transformation-intensives

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and Registered Yoga Teacher with over 13 years of experience in mental health and wellness. I help women with high anxiety or past trauma navigate through life's redefining moments, and address negative relationship patterns, performance anxiety, feelings of unworthiness, poor boundaries, etc. My specialty is offering Personal Transformation Intensives to support you approaching your breakthrough in days rather than months.

Go to my website to schedule your no-cost initial call, or to this link: https://SatyaCounselingAndYogaScheduling.as.me/

My practice is exclusively private pay (no insurance accepted) and all sessions are held online. I accept clients residing in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, New Mexico and Florida, or temporarily residing overseas.

“Deciding where to go for therapy can be so intimidating. There is no obligation to continue services with me when you make contact for an initial consultation. I truly want you to find your best fit. The strength of the connection with your chosen therapist is one of greatest predictors of successful treatment. So don't settle or give up before you find the right match!"

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