Hi, I'm Liana!
Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Sex Therapist and trained in EMDR.

I'm a fierce advocate for emotional and sexual health. I’m here to help you have meaningful relationships and satisfying sex! I help individuals (like you!) with toxic dating patterns, unfulfilled relationships and sexual dysfunctions.

I want clients to:

Date with intention
Emotionally connect with themselves
Emotionally connect with your partner
Resuscitate a "dead bead"
Get the sex you want
Expand your sexual menu 😉

Have you ever wondered about any of the following?

How do I tell my partner that I’m feeling disconnected?
What do I do if I no longer find my partner attractive?
How do I ask for what I want in and out of the bedroom?
How can I tell my partner that I want to open the relationship?
I have a sexual dysfunction but I’m too embarrassed to tell my partner
I’m having pain during sex but want to please my partner
I feel defeated and overwhelmed about dating
My partner and I are more like roommate than lovers
All my relationships have been toxic, I’m better alone!

If so, I can help!
Whether you’re single, dating, partnered, married, kinky, poly, monogamous, LGTBQIA+, late in life virgin, vanilla or vanilla chai, I’ll be by your side helping you navigate it all and finally getting the emotional and sexual intimacy you deserve.

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    Florida, New York
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