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The mind and the body are tools always with you and easily accessible. I aide people in learning how to use those tools to eliminate the suffering that tends to come along with this human experience of ours. During sessions a variety of techniques are taught in order to help you experience an inner peace. MY MISSION IS TO CREATE AND HOLD SPACE FOR HEALING, WHILE EMPOWERING YOU TO EMBRACE OPTIMAL WELLNESS. Expect to laugh and possibly shed a tear as you evolve into a grounded being that cannot be moved by pain.

My style is non-traditional, therefore the approaches used toward healing are as well. Forms of therapy used include cinema, books, meditation, yoga, & more. We begin by identifying what isn’t working and getting clear about what you want, this is what guides your sessions. With your input and my read, techniques and practices are chosen that serve you best.

The body was created to heal itself and when given the opportunity, it does just that. If you are ready to explore your body and take an even further exploration into your mind, you will find that freedom resides there. If you are open and ready to make room for freedom, transparency, and peace I invite you to connect with me. I am open for a FREE CONSULT.

Website: www.looseleafllc.com

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