Thank you for considering me as your therapist. To give you some insight, my treatment approach tends to be cognitive behavioral in nature, but I like to tailor my approach to an individual's goals and particular needs. What that means is that I like to collaborate with a client to find active steps to take to better one's quality of life. It is solution-focused, and brief in nature. I believe that self-care and mindfulness are essential tools for quality of life, yet we aren't always taught how to do that for ourselves. My clients say that I am direct, yet compassionate, and that they feel validated and empowered to make needed changes in their lives.

Once we are able to identify your thoughts, feelings and behaviors we will be able to gain a deeper understanding of how they affect us as an individual. Learning coping skills can help build the self-confidence needed when facing challenges in life.

I work with new mothers, adults, couples, seniors and adolescents and I will meet my clients where they are based on their individual needs. I know firsthand that finding happiness after life's challenges is possible!

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