Ms. Polk is a passionate woman with over a five year history in the field and pronouns of she/her. As a Licensed Master Social Worker, it is her hope to provide an authentic experience through therapy, counseling, and advocacy. She looks forward to engaging clients ready to break the stigma of mental health.

Embracing the importance of mental health and how to navigate life circumstances, it is her goal to normalize and make the process of seeking support easier. She is available to act as a Life Coach to promote healthy life balance. Offering both professional and personal Life Coaching.

By creating a practice that welcomes all children, adults, families and couples, Ms. Polk will work to empower all by allowing a safe space for healing. Through this journey, she encourages confidence, self-care, secure attachments, a stable identity, true life potential and more by providing easy-going Mental Health Support.

Ms. Polk has a strong background in Child Welfare and therapy for underserved children and families. Tactful community resource collaboration and advocacy skills that help to quickly establish healthy working relationships with clients and (referral) providers. Recognized by colleagues in team settings for creative problem-solving skills and enthusiasm that motivates to maintain positive morale. She has conducted psycho-therapy, mental health exams/evaluations and diagnosis using the DSM-V, none of which will be used in this practice.


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