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From my professional experience as a trauma-responsive clinical sexologist and transformational life coach to my lived experience as a spiritual-sexual Black womxn, being a survivor of many things, and releasing things that no longer serve me, I have learned how to develop a system of self-care that supports the effort to unlearn shame and guilt, set boundaries, trust that “something says”, lean into joy and pleasure and (re-)connect to one’s body...my body too.
My healing approach is intersectional and healing-centered that is kink-aware and pleasuring affirming. I believe we all experience our own unique set of events that affect our emotional, mental, spiritual, and sexual well-being.

From this education and experience, I have developed a 90-Day erotic coaching program, Healing The Erotic Self Life Coaching Program.

Healing The Erotic Self is about the relationship to mind, body and breath. It is somatic (body-based)- the integration of one’s emotional, spiritual, sexual, mental, physical, and metaphysical selves.

Healing the Erotic Self is Healing the WHOLE Self.

Honoring how one's mind, body, and emotion (i.e. energy) is impacted by one's lived experience and creates the relationship between mind, body, and breath is the framework of Healing the Erotic Self Life Coaching.

Grounded in Audre Lorde's Uses of the Erotic and centering the lived experience of Black, Brown, & of Color womxn, femmes & folx, Healing the Erotic Self Life Coaching is designed to center our resiliency & affirm our right to create our own narrative, in addition to, nurture our peace, our pleasure, our protection, and our prosperity.

Healing the Erotic Self Life Coaching supports you as a trauma-responsive system in manifesting sexual healing, sexual pleasure and sexual liberation.

For more information about Healing the Erotic Self Life Coaching Program, visit SistaSexologist.com.

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