South African Zula greeting meaning, "I SEE You!"

Are you in the midst of shifting seasons or life transitions and feel unseen, unheard or misunderstood? Do you desire to grow through this season of life and prepare for your new beginning? Are you willing to grow to a higher state of well-being and functioning, release stagnant thinking, process difficult experiences and become a greater expression of yourself?

I help individuals adjust and cope with life changes, loss, stress, creative blockages, performance and career concerns, anti-black racism, gender-based discrimination and other forms of cultural marginalization, spiritual abuse and exploitation, and mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety and depression. My approach to psychotherapy centers the therapeutic relationship, emotional safety and reverential listening. My style during sessions are often affirming, compassionate, interactive, collaborative and, at times challenging. You will find that our work will occasionally incorporate humor, cultural strengths and attend to your whole self - mind, body, spirit.

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