What if you loved and accepted yourself for who you are at this moment?
What if you trusted yourself to make the best decisions for your life without the pressure of family, friends, and social media?

You’re young - Times are different. There are no guarantees that a college education will give you security. You’re hustling because it seems like everyone is ahead of you. You want something more than a 9-5. You want purpose and meaning.

You’re female - Society sends mixed messages on your worth: it’s tied to your body, your relationship status, your accomplishments. You are expected to put everyone else and their needs above your own.

You’re Black - Your experience is unique because you are a double minority. It’s risky to speak up because you can be labeled as difficult or angry.

I help you honor your feelings, experiences, wants, and needs. We’ll do the work of uncovering and accepting who you are and what you want versus what you‘ve been told/shown/expected to be.

Your magic is there…under all of the judgment, criticism, and expectations you were never meant to carry.

Give yourself permission to choose you....
Choose your self-care.
Choose your self-love.
Choose your growth.
Choose your future.
Choose your healing.

You are worthy.

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Interests: childhood and intergenerational trauma, difficult mother-daughter relationships

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