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Are you feeling "some type of way" most of the day?
Women hold a variety of roles - mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend, girlfriend, employee, caregiver, saver, - roles that must be fulfilled daily. With the variety of roles that women fulfill on a daily basis, it is no wonder that women experience frequent mood swings, emotional roller-coasters, anxiety, and depression. Sometimes we look in the mirror and can't identify the person that is looking back at us. We think and hope that there is more to life than just Surviving. There is. You could be Living.

You want to feel like you did years ago before disappointment, guilt, shame, and an overload of responsibilities and obligations became the priority. You want peace, balance, and harmony. You want a life with little to no drama. You want and DO deserve better. Let's explore your acceptance, acknowledgment, and commitment to change your life. Are You Worth it?

Limited Appointments Available. Check out the company's website, www.progressingthroughtherapy.com to view the clinicians in the office.

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