I help Black rookie professional athletes overcome self-doubt and calm performance-related anxiety.

I am a therapist based in Southern California who specializes in working with Athletes of color looking to enhance performance but feels overwhelmed by mental health issues getting in the way. I help you to learn how to listen to your body, instincts and better understand how to manage symptoms related to anxiety and depression in sports that will help improve performance and confidence over time.
I am aligned in working with collegiate, semi-professional, olympic and professional athletes and those experiencing issues related to social justice, micro aggressions, race in sport, LGBTQIA+ competitors.

I use a CRT, feminist, psychodynamic, mindfulness perspective along with problem solving and real life recommendations to help with improving communication to get a better understanding of your needs and how to share them with your teammates, partners, coaches, friends and family members to support you along your journey. Sometimes, we forget to lean on those closest to us or over use them in ways that we want to change and form new boundaries in transition to higher levels of sports or to non-competitive working world in a different way.

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