You care a lot, you can handle a lot, and others expect a lot from you. You are starting to find all the roles, relationships, goals and expectations that fill your life are overwhelming. From the outside it looks like you’re fine, your relationships are fine, your life is fine. But you are self-aware enough to know that you are running on auto-pilot, stressed out, disconnected from yourself and your relationships, and guilty because nothing seems to be enough. Bottom line- you are not present, engaged, and enjoying your life and relationships the way that you want to be.

Maybe it even feels like your life isn’t your own, just run by expectations, obligations, and the needs of others. You’ve lost yourself.

I believe you can build a life of connection and reach big goals while still centering your own joy, values, and needs.

My name is Lauren and I am an holistic and compassionate therapist experienced in working with clients who are struggling with anxiety, burnout, and relationship or parenting challenges that may be rooted in trauma. I help clients do the deep work of healing the trauma at the center of their problems while learning how to bring more joy, ease, alignment, and connection into their daily lives. A therapy session with me is engaging and empowering. We may help you explore mind-body practices, try a new communication skill, understand your attachment style, work through a values clarification exercise, or problem-solve a current challenge.

I use modalities including Somatic Therapy, Internal Family Systems, EMDR, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in my practice.

I welcome you to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me through my website laurenludlowlcsw.com or reach out to lauren@claritycompassion.com.

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