Transition is often hard. Adjusting between being independent and being in a relationship, adjusting from a school career to a professional career, adjusting to a new sexual or gender identity or simply adjusting to the reality and responsibilities of being an independent adult. Despite often times feeling intelligent and capable, feelings of being stuck, depression and anxiety seem to get the best of you in this present moment. Transition can cause one to question one's self identity and self worth. There are approaches to adapt to these changes and create a more meaningful approach to identity and life.

I approach these adjustments and transitions in life as unique experiences of change and growth. While feelings of doubt, confusion, and depression are normal. I like to help individuals and couples navigate through these feelings through personal reflection and acknowledgment. I encourage both personal empowerment as well as openness to new approaches.

I have been drawn to this field to build relationships and work collaboratively to help others realize where they are and where they want to be. While I do not accept insurance as Licensed Professional Counselor, I do offer free phone consultations and affordable sessions for adults.

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