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Fertility; Infertility: Relational Difficulties: Trauma; PTSD; Breakups; Life Transitions
Do you often find yourself wondering how did you end up here? You felt as if you were moving in the right direction and had everything all planned out for your life, but somewhere, things went awry and you are left feeling disappointed. You may be stuck between wanting to move forward, but also feeling like keeping things the way they are because the unknown can feel overwhelming and scary. As a result, you are tired of feeling less than your best.

Imagine what it would feel like to push past your fears and venture into the unknown. Imagine having the support to move forward and to begin to work through what is holding you back. Additionally, imagine feeling better about yourself and your ability to confront your past and handle challenging situations.

It can be scary to reach out to a therapist. It can be challenging to find someone you can connect with and who understands what you are going through. I would like to help you feel unstuck so that you can begin to move forward. Together, we will develop a plan to help you move past your pain, rediscover your strengths, cope with life stressors, and live a better life. Remember, you are bent, not broken.

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