If you have found yourself browsing on this page, it is by no chance an accident.

Who am I ? Well, it depends on who you ask. After doing my healing work on this soul integration journey i’ve been on, I’ve realized that I have uniquely been chosen to be here to share my light and gifts to help others be the highest and best version of themselves, on their own terms. I am Laura Armide, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Florida! Thank you for choosing me to guide you on your journey of healing and inner child integration.

Coming from North Miami, Fl, I have witnessed and experienced traumas that no adult or child should ever have to endure. My upbringing and environment robbed me of the simple pleasures of safety, peace, healthy love, high self esteem, and more. Born in Port-Au-Prince, Haïti, I know first hand how unhealed traumas can impact an individual and their entire culture. My dream is to help others break unhealed generational traumas, to live as their best and highest self always.

How would it feel like to look in the mirror and feel so much love, so much pride, peace, and acceptance while you stare back at your reflection in awe?

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