Now accepting new clients. I help young adults find peace. You’re a young adult who has been struggling with worry, racing thoughts, low energy and lack of direction. Maybe you’re undergoing a big change in your life like starting or graduating college or ending a relationship. Are you ready to get your life back on track? I know that asking for help can be difficult. Many young adults like you have the desire to change but end up doing nothing and get stuck feeling powerless. You have a choice- either continue down the path you’re on or reach out. Your whole life is ahead of you, don’t waste it repeating the same mistakes.

As a bilingual Spanish therapist, I take a culturally sensitive approach to help guide clients to a more fulfilled life. Reasons people enjoy doing therapy with me are: 1) There’s a clear plan. Therapy doesn't need to take forever. 2) You’re not locked in. Most clients achieve their goals within a few months. 3) I’m honest, warm and relatable.
I get it- going to therapy can feel scary, yet here you are. You've been brave enough to take the first step. I will be here to make the process as easy as possible and get you back to feeling like the CEO of your life (main character energy). Take the next step into your new life and contact me now for a free 15 minute consultation.

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