LaTranette Long is a mental health counselor serving Individuals and couples in Florida and Georgia virtually. Many of LaTranette’s clients come in to address life stress, anxiety, depression, and lack of self-confidence. LaTranette is particularly passionate about serving women, young adults and BIPOC. She also has advanced training as a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional.

LaTranette is trained in anxiety, mindfulness based CBT and person centered approaches where we examine thoughts and beliefs to identify how they affect behaviors in order to shift the thought process and allowing space to build better relationship with self and others. In session, LaTranette focuses on grounding techniques, reshaping negative thought patterns and self-wellness exercises to be practiced outside of session. This approach supports clients to redevelop happiness in their life, better quality relationships and better wellness routines.

LaTranette's style is direct, non-judgmental and engaging. When clients first start therapy, she works to understand the clients goal for therapy and build a strong relationship where the client feels safe and able to be open.

Practice Details