I am the founder and therapist of Living Life Simply. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (GA, NC, SC) and Certified Financial Social Worker who also holds a Master of Business Administration degree.

Living Life Simply wants YOU to experience an overall health and wellness movement back to the simplicity of YOUR life. Through talk therapy with a strong foundation of cognitive behavioral therapy, we will work to get you “unstuck” from distrustful, anxious and depressed thoughts and behaviors by adjusting your focus, regaining a sense of self-worth, embracing your power of saying and meaning “NO,” and remembering what it feels like to have fun. As we mature into functioning and productive adults, many of us lose our air of innocence, excitement and adventure. Through the trials, tribulations, and responsibilities of life, we have become hardened, isolated, and angry. We often battle with the villains of self-blame, self-doubt, and worthlessness making it hard to believe there is a different form of existence. Let’s work on that together.

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