Life transitions, while they can bring joy, can also bring a sense of anxiety, loss, fear, depression, and / or many unknown feelings. My goal is to help people understand these feelings, cope with them in a healthy manner and transition to their next stage in a healthy way - just like a butterfly.

I believe by better understanding yourself (your body and your mind), you are better equipped to manage your symptoms. Thus with improved knowledge and coping skills, you improve your overall quality of life. This is done by using a combination of solution focused therapy, patient centered therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, in combination with others.

I believe in meeting you where you are in the therapy process and sitting with you throughout this process. In session, you can laugh, cry and everything in between. This is a space for understanding of self, healing and growth.

Remember "just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly." Together, we can help you learn more about yourself, build coping skills and improve your quality of life.

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